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Valentines makeup

With valentines approaching, I’m often asked for makeup ideas. Whether you’ve been married 20 years, dating for two months or single, valentines is an opportunity to show them what they have or what they’re missing!

Depending on your plans will determine how much or little makeup you apply. You don’t have to wear full coverage foundation and lashes to look sexy. Often less is more.

If you’re heading out for dinner, I suggest adding a little glitter to the eyelid, dab a minuscule

amount before you add your mascara and after you’ve applied your eyeshadow. Eyes should be a focal point when sitting across from your man. When they sparkle he’ll be even more mesmerised!

Keep foundation to a minimum, I appreciate we’re not all blessed with skin like Cindy, but layering and layering can look heavy, dry and creases. Apply foundation liberally, I like to pop my product on to the back of my hand then use my sponge to dab into the skin, I always go for the areas that need coverage rather than all over. If you have the colour right you can do this. The art to makeup is blend, blend, blend. If your foundation is pulling the skin as you apply, use some moisturiser to loosen it up a little. Remember a little goes a long way. Start with a pea sized amount.

When a lady hits a certain age, there are products that many makeup artists advise you to stay clear of, such as an eyeshadow with a shimmer in, or highlighter on your cheek bones. Ultimately highlighter highlights and shimmer reflects, so if you have creases round the eye, yep it will highlight the crease, so just use sparingly, don’t not use at all. Use a cream highlighter rather than a powder, use a blusher with a slight shimmer in it. Don’t be afraid to try something new, maybe not before a date, but take some time to have a play, or book a lesson with a makeup artist to help find what is perfect for you.

Last but not least your lips. Keep it natural, this is no occasion for a red lip! I often finish a full face of makeup with some lip conditioner, keep your lips kissable by using a lip scrub, or brush your lips with your tooth brush. Soft, supple lips are far more appealing than dry and chapped. Same applies for men too.

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