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My afternoon with Stephen Bear

In this business it really is who you know. An old friend of mine put a post on Facebook Wednesday evening looking for a makeup artist for her client Stephen Bear.

If I'm honest I had never heard of him, although I'm a sucker for reality TV, I had never seen anything with him in. I offered my services and at 8pm the night before i was cleaning my brushes and raiding my husbands toiletry bag. I made sure I had, a razor, beard trimmer, MAC lip conditioner, MAC face and body foundation, moisturiser, bronzer and my brow comb.

So I arrive at Holborn Studios, meet the publisher, have a quick chat about the looks they're wanting to create for the front cover of Stephens book. They want a Wolf of Wall Street theme and a shorts and Hawaiian Shirt theme.

So I meet Stephen, on time, very charming and polite. He has a endearing East London accent, hes happy to tell me what he has been in, Celebrity Big Brother, Love Island and said that the best experience for him was definitely CBB, having no phone or contact from the outside world he said was lovely!

Stephen was actually very groomed, he looks after himself, you can see that. His eyebrows were tidy, he had good skin. A relief I didn't have to give him a shave, just a little tidy with a razor.

Fairly quickly, Stephen was in his shorts and in front of the camera, then I meet the beautiful model Sabine. I have never seen natural lips like hers. They looked amazing RED.

Just under a thousand pictures were taken and I was on hand to make sure their makeup was perfect throughout.

Conclusion is that Stephen has a new fan and I have lip envy!

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